Tiger Beer’s lower-alcohol Tiger Radler debuts a new sleek look in slimline cans, and also unveils a new Lime & Ginger flavour in time for the festive season.

The old Tiger Radler cans looked like any regular 330ml beer cans, or what the Australians affectionately called “stubbies”; that’s been overhauled and Tiger Radler now comes in taller but slimmer cans that Tiger Beer claims to conform better to consumers’ lifestyles. “Our new sleek cans are more stylish and
sophisticated, an appearance that is as refreshing as the much-loved Tiger Radler within,” says Ms Venus Teoh, Marketing Director at Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore. She adds that the new size meets today’s consumer preferences in terms of being sleeker, easier to hold and transport, and able to chill quicker than the regular cans.

The upside is that it’s far easier to distinguish between regular Tiger Beer and Tiger Radler; the downside is that Tiger Radler now looks in place with various soda and sports isotonic drinks brands.

Tiger Beer has also launched a new limited-edition Tiger Radler flavour in Lime & Ginger in time for the festive season (although we’re not too sure which particular festive season they’re referring to, since lime and ginger aren’t traditional Christmas or New Year flavours while Chinese New Year is still a distance away). The 2% ABV Tiger Radler Lime & Ginger combines the iconic lager with natural lime juice and ginger extracts to give the beer a refreshing, crisp, and mildly spicy flavour profile.

The sleek limited-edition Tiger Radler Lime & Ginger and Tiger Radler Lemon are available
in a 6-can (6 x 330ml) pack at major hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience stores, while stocks


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