Dellarosa Wine, Singapore’s newest online wine delivery service, launches with an exclusive range of fine organic, biodynamic and natural wines mostly from Italy.

[Dellarosa Wine is now defunct.]

Online wine delivery services continue to remain in vogue with the launch of Dellarosa Wine, the latest of the kind but offering an exclusive range of sustainable wines from the length and breadth of Italy. But while other wine delivery services – especially those established by existing wine merchants to replicate offline offerings – generally offer the same-old, same-old, Dellarosa Wine looks to have put together a portfolio of wines with a specific focus: organic, biodynamic and natural wines from across Italy.

If you’re wondering what’re the differences between natural, organic and biodynamic wines, our buddies over at Parched has them all explained.

Indeed Dellarosa Wine looks to combine two of the most recent trends in wine consumption in Singapore – online delivery and sustainable wines. And while The Straits Wine Company‘s separate Peace of Vino online service puts together sustainable wine offerings (mainly from the South Australia’s Basket Range, a burgeoning community in the field of organic wine set in Adelaide Hills), Dellarosa aims to present healthier wine alternatives from all across Italy and other parts of Europe.

Which makes sense, considering Dellarosa Wine founder Quintino Dellarosa is a native Sicilian who grew up surrounded by winemakers practicing organic and biodynamic methods of farming to produce top-quality and highly sustainable wines.

“Dellarosa Wine is (also) about sharing the value of artisanal winemakers’ commitment and passion, as well as exporting the rarity and exclusivity of their products. All our wines and their winemakers are special to us,” says Dellarosa (pictured).

Dellarosa Wine currently offers an exclusively curated selection of 19 different bottles from 11 wineries across Italy and Slovenia. This includes the premium small batch Ettore Germano Prapò Barolo 2011, a classic Barolo made in very small quantities of 5,000 bottles, to the organic Hérzu 2015 from Ettore Germano, considered one of the best Rieslings from Italy.

For those who are fans of wines made from indigenous Italian grapes, Dellarosa’s range of sustainable wines also run the gamut from iconic varietals such as Nebbiolo (used in the making of Barolo) and Corvina Rondinella (mostly used in the making of Amarone), to less known ones such as the Frapatto and Catarratto from Sicily, Piedmont’s Cortese and even the Malvasia delle Lipari from the tiny volcanic island of Lipari.

Dellarosa has plans to expand the collection to 30 bottles by January 2018, as well as introduce French and Serbian wines in the coming months. Deliveries are generally made within one working day with a delivery charge of $13.



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