Singapore-based sake distributor Inter Rice Asia has launched The Art of Sake, a monthly sake subscription service catering to those who love the iconic Japanese alcoholic beverage.

Subscription services have been a rather recent phenomenon; over the past decade we’ve seen the introduction of services touting products ranging from cosmetics to even geek swag in a mystery box that’s sent directly to your doorstep on a monthly basis. We’ve already seen a number of wine subscription services such as The French Cellar – as well as a couple of failed craft beer ones – and most recently there was Sakemaru, which delivers seasonal sake not usually seen in the open market direct to consumers. Now sake distributor Inter Rice Asia has jumped into the fray, introducing their sake subscription service The Art of Sake.

Iner Rice Asia’s The Art of Sake offers four different monthly sake subscription boxes, each of them introducing selected artisanal brews from sake breweries all over Japan directly to your doorstep. Ranging from $88 to $168 per month, each tier comes with free delivery and offers two premium or three premium bottles carefully curated by Inter Rice Asia sake sommelier Adrian Goh (pictured below), as well as detailed tasting notes and instructions – such as the recommended temperature for optimal consumption and glassware – to properly enjoy each sake.

Unlike most other subscription services those for The Art of Sake are actually rather flexible; sake enthusiasts who rather not opt for a regular six-month subscription – which comes with heftier savings – can opt to pay as they go.

“To solve the growing need for a convenient solution for the time-strapped sake drinker who wants to learn more about the traditional Japanese brew, we have curated a monthly subscription box focused on a modular saké appreciation experience by selecting a few bottles each month based on a theme or brewery, accompanied with detailed tasting notes so that we may guide even a beginner consumer on the recommended temperature and cup to enjoy the saké optimally,” says Inter Rice Asia head sake sommelier Adrian Goh.

“They’ll have the convenience of a regular direct delivery service and bottles to enjoy at their own time in the comforts of their home,” he adds.

And with a special price offer included in their subscription box, if consumers end up really enjoying a particular bottle of sake there’s nothing really stopping them from buying it direct from Inter Rice Asia.


  1. […] One of the earliest sake distributors in Singapore, Inter Rice Asia has an extensive portfolio of premium Japanese sake covering almost all sake-producing prefectures, as well as other alcoholic beverages. Brands to look out for include Keigetsu from Kochi, Yamagata’s Dewazakura, Manotsuru from Niigata, and the recently-released Sakari from Nada’s Nihonsakari in Hyogo. Also fun are their On Nomi sake tasting kits and discovery boxes. […]


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