If you don’t know of any friends that bail from meetups at the last minute, chances are, that person is you.

Either way, you’re in luck because Guinness is going to reward your bad behaviour anyway – just take the St. Patrick’s Pledge and join Guinness at the event of the year that you can’t say no to: St. Patrick’s Festival 2018.

Whatever it is that you call them (or yourselves), be it pangseh kia, airplane pilot, or [insert appropriate swear word in the requisite noun form], Guinness is formally offering you a chance to make good for once with a 1-for-1 e-voucher that you can use at participating outlets for the month of March. As part of the ‘deal’, you also earn a chance to cancel on your friends on another occasion instead…

But as a fan of St. Patrick’s, it’s just another opportunity to make merry with Guinness, starting at Club Street on 10 March, followed by a truly authentic St. Patrick’s Day Street Festival organised by Singapore River One along Circular Road from 16 to 18 March.

Aside from the mandatory pints, expect music, temporary tattoo stations and a roving photo booth. Festival-goers can also stand a chance to win exclusive Guinness premiums when they challenge themselves to a Guinness torch run (at Circular Road on March 17 and 18). Guinness will also be offering a range of exciting promotions in the month of March for fans to savour the velvety brew across participating bars island wide. You can also stand a chance to visit the home of Guinness in Dublin with a friend, simply by purchasing a Guinness Draught 4-pack (440ml) on Get.Guinness.com.

The Guinness St. Patrick’s Festival 2018 debuts at Club Street (10 March) and returns to Circular Road (16 – 18 March). For the full list of participating bars and pubs, visit get.guinness.com/event-promotion.




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