From the month of April, leading Scotch whisky brand The Macallan will unveil a bold new look for its range of single malt whiskies. 

You’d be forgiven if you find that the bottles of Macallan single malt whisky on bar or retail shelves look just that little bit different. The Macallan has started to roll out globally a new bottle design from this month that takes inspiration from The Macallan Rare Cask and Rare Cask Black; it’s one that features a broader shoulder than existing bottles with a distinctive chevron cut, and then tapers inwards slightly as it gets towards the bottom of the bottle.

More important though are the changes that one does not see – the new bottles will also sport an anti-refill enclosure and tamper-proof features that will help prevent counterfeiting, which has been proved to be an increasing challenge as the brand gains even more popularity worldwide.

“With this bold new design we want to do justice to the extraordinary whisky inside the bottle which, of course, is what we at The Macallan and every whisky fan worldwide really cares about. We think the new bottle looks as good in a world-class bar as it does on a table at home being shared with friends. In addition, we have invested thousands in developing anti-refill and anti-counterfeit technology to help protect consumers,” says Glen Gribbon, Marketing Director at The Macallan.

Another change for The Macallan would be the renaming of its Fine Oak range. First launched in 2004, the expressions that’s been matured using ex-bourbon casks as well as a mix of American and European Sherry-seasoned casks will be renamed Triple Cask Matured, to help bring the range in line with its Sherry Oak and Double Cask ranges as part of a new naming convention.

“We want to make it easy for our fans to select a whisky that’s right for them. What could be simpler than one, two, or three cask types? By consolidating our core range to Sherry Oak, Double Cask and Triple Cask Matured we’re able to highlight the variety of whisky coming out of our distillery and also to encourage new and existing fans to try The Macallan across a variety of occasions,” adds Gribbon.



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