Given the diversity of the whisky world over the last 50 or so years, it would be challenging to put together anything remotely close to a comprehensive whisky museum, but The Grande Whisky Collection is perhaps, The Whisky Trust director, Christopher Lee’s best efforts in creating a library that is worth viewing.

In a bustling whisky scene, The Grande Whisky Collection is a unique space. As part of the group that operates the Saint-Louis House and The Whisky Distillery, this library of whisky undoubtedly leans towards the luxe side of things. But in doing so, it has also carved out a niche for itself.

Saint-Louis House, as we know, is a prestigious, private lounge, complete with Saint Louis chandeliers and a delicious view of Orchard Road as well as valuable whiskies and champagnes. Whisky aficionados and the affluent alike will find themselves at home with its bountiful collection of rarities.

Like the Saint-Louis House, The Grande Whisky Collection, too, is located on the fifth level of Ion Orchard and a literal stone’s throw from Saint-Louis House. And it, too, is something that has to be seen to be believed. Just the vault door alone says it all. They’ve spared no expense in creating an experience for all whisky fans.

The Grande Whisky Collection is also suitable for corporate events and private tastings for up to 40 to 50 guests. But of course, much of its floor space is dedicated to the burgeoning collection of whiskies set aside in its archives. It holds over 4,500 whiskies from some of the oldest and most established distilleries in the world, both open and closed.

Unfortunately, by their request, we’re not able to photograph and publish pictures of the whiskies in the vault; but fair enough, as the experience itself is worth the teasing and there will be something of interest to even the most hardcore (or jaded) of collectors. The collection is unique in the sense that it doesn’t necessarily represent the preferences of whisky anoraks, and at the same time, they aren’t all luxury Lalique decanters as well.

The requisite cognoscenti favourites are present; you’ll find the United Distillers (precursor to Diageo’s Special Releases) Rare Malts Collection and the ubiquitous must-haves in the form of Port Ellen and Broras. They take their place alongside eye-catching luxury-first Laliques and a nose-bleedingly expensive collection of vintage Macallans of almost every year, starting from the 1930s. And to sate the most well-travelled whisky drinkers, the interesting and offbeat comes in the form of the unusual, such as an extensive collection of vintage Auchentoshan – not something you’ll see very often – along with old Edrington blends (yes it’s not just single malts) and Christopher’s personal favourite and sentimental choice: Royal Lochnagar.

As far as a private collection made available for public viewing go, The Grande Whisky Collection is as good as it gets here in Singapore. We’re told as well that it is the first of its kind in South East Asia. Intrigued? A tour costs S$55 nett and includes a tasting of three whiskies. But really, the drams don’t really matter – we’re there primarily for the visual spectacle, and it is quite a sight indeed.

The Grande Whisky Collection
2 Orchard Turn #05-01 Ion Orchard Singapore 238801
Enquiries and bookings via:
tel +65 8809 0038


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