Asahi’s seasonal Clear Asahi Autumn makes its return to 7-Eleven shelves this fall.

First introduced into the Singapore market as part of its 30th anniversary celebrations of the Asahi Super Dry last year, Japanese beverage giant Asahi‘s Clear Asahi Autumn was a stronger, richer brew that embodies the transition of summer into a cooler fall. The seasonal brew uses malted barley that’s been kilned for longer to obtain a more amber hue and roastier notes, and its stronger 6% ABV – as opposed to its usual 5% for the Asahi Super Dry – brings more warmth as the weather gets cooler. Enjoy this at a slightly warmer 7 to 10 degrees Celsius – as compared to around 4 degrees Celsius for the Asahi Super Dry – to bring out the best from the beer.

The Clear Asahi Autumn is available now while stocks last, and can be exclusively found at over 290 7-Eleven stores islandwide at a price of $4.80 per 350ml can (subject to GST and in-store promotions).


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