Leading Irish stout brand Guinness will kick off “All Hail Patricks”, a campaign for St Patrick’s Day that will reward anyone with the name Patrick during the month of March.

St. Patrick’s Day, also known as Lá Fhéile Pádraig or the easier-to-pronounce ‘The Day of the Festival of St. Patrick”, is synonymous with drinking lots of Guinness. And if your name is Patrick, Patricia, Patrice or just plain Pat, you’re in luck. This St Patrick’s Day, Guinness wants to make you the hero of their promotional campaign.

If you’re a Pat, Guinness is throwing a festival on Saturday 16 March 2019 at 30 Maxwell Road in your honour. There will be masterclasses, live music, and other various other activities, but mostly it will be drinking a lot of Guinness. But if you’re not named Pat, it’s ok too – just invite someone with the right name to unlock more fun and discounts at the party.

Prizes to be won for “All Hail Patricks” include discounts off Grab, Redmart, and Guinness pints at participating bars. There’s even a grand prize where you stand a chance to win a once in a lifetime experience of a 1 week exclusive, all-expenses paid trip to Ireland with 3 friends, and “owning” a pub for 48 hours.

“Guinness has grown St Patrick’s Day over the last five years in Singapore, and we now want to approach the conversation from a different, more localised lens,” says Sabina Godri, Marketing Manager, Guinness, Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore.

“The festival experience is now relevant and finally complete with the Pats and Patricks of Singapore getting together celebrating over pints of Guinness,” she adds.

Claim your perks for All Hail Patricks here now.


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