Online wine merchant Vinomofo officially announces a partnership with California-based Empathy Wines to bring its wines to Australasia.

Melbourne, Australia-based online wine retailer Vinomofo shook up Singapore’s wine retail scene when it first launched in Singapore back in end 2016 offering a carefully-curated selection of wines that was both affordable and mostly new to market. One reason why it’s been so successful in penetrating the markets it operates in – Australia, New Zealand, and then Singapore – is its pricing; because it sells wines in lots of six or 12 bottles, Vinomofo can offer near-wholesale, bulk pricing direct to consumers.

Another reason why Vinomofo has been so successful is its approach; it eschews the usual cerebral approach to wine with a more carefree, irreverent style (if its name isn’t already an indication). Rather than waxing lyrical using hard-to-grasp wine-speak, its tone was fun and focused on explaining how you would enjoy those wines.

It could be precisely this latter reason that well-known American entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk – also known as Gary Vee – has decided to work with Vinomofo to bring his Empathy Wines label to Australasia. Vaynerchuk owns New York-based VaynerMedia and is most known for his work in digital marketing and social media, but oenophiles may also know him from daily wine-focused video podcast Wine Library TV where he muses about wine. His approach on Wine Library TV was casual, informative and energetic. Much like Vinomofo.

Empathy Wines is Gary Vaynerchuk’s latest venture, a wine brand that works with various Californian winegrowers – such as Shannon Ranch in Lake County, Lodi’s Bokisch Vineyards and Marietta Vineyards in Mendocino – to make great but affordable wines that are sent direct to consumers.

“Whoever has the most empathy for consumers and the farmer will win the wine game,” Vaynerchuk had said. “That’s why I’m calling it Empathy.”

It’s a mission eerily echoing that of Vinomofo’s.

Vinomofo CEO and co-founder Justin Dry (left) with Michael Parmenter, Vinomofo’s GM for Singapore

“Our approach to the wine industry aligns perfectly,” shared Vinomofo CEO and co-founder Justin Dry, “so it’s fitting that we work together to bring Empathy to this side of the world.”

“(Its inclusion into our portfolio) strengthens our offering and cements our commitment to bringing really cool wines to our wine lovers. It also supports Californian winemakers who’ve been devastated by fires recently,” added Dry.

The first wine from Empathy Wines will be the Empathy Rosé 2018 – a bold and juicy blend of seven varietals led by Syrah, Grenache, and Pinot Noir – that should drop for Vinomofo’s 500,000+ members in its three markets mid-July 2019.

Empathy Rosé 2018 is now exclusively available for pre-order here and sells exclusively on Vinomofo at S$35.


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