For the month of September, Ginett Restaurant & Wine Bar at Hotel G Singapore will be promoting its glorious grain-fed Angus whiskey-infused prime rib.

If there’s one thing we enjoy more than drinking whiskey, it’s pairing it with food that’s also cooked with whiskey. So if you’re anything like us, we can guarantee you’re going to love this – this month Ginett Restaurant at Hotel G Singapore is promoting a 270-day Angus prime rib that’s been meticulously aged over three weeks wrapped in a cloth soaked in Jack Daniel’s whiskey in its in-house dry-aging cabinet.

Sure it’s only Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey, but we really don’t see the practical sense in using a far more premium whisky for such a purpose anyway. And still the American whiskey manages to impart a deep, umami-flavour with hints of smoke and vanilla sweetness into the prime cut. The whole prime rib is then grilled in the restaurant’s Spanish Mibrasa charcoal grill that intensifies the smokiness from the whiskey and gives the meat a perfect sear on the exterior while keeping the insides tender and juicy.

whiskey-infused prime rib

Be sure you pair this amazing whiskey-aged prime rib with a good whisky from Ginett’s whisky selection. If drinking neat whisky isn’t your thing, the restaurant is also offering a Dewar’s Highball and Matchstick Sazerac at $18++ each so you can experiment with whisky-based cocktails; in fact Ginett has a special cocktail pairing dinner happening mid-September. Otherwise Ginett has a great selection of French wines at very affordable prices – in fact it’s one of our favourite wine watering holes.

Ginett’s whisky-infused prime rib is available from now till 30 September 2019 at S$148++ and is good to feed 2-3 persons.



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