Nagano’s Takanami Sake Brewery officially launches its range in Singapore, along with a special limited edition set to celebrate 148 years of sake brewing.

Takanami Sake Brewery, one of Nagano Prefecture’s oldest sake breweries, has now brought its range of sakes to Singapore. Established during Japan’s early Meiji era in 1871, Takanami – 高波, or “high wave” – sprung into the fore when it started winning over a legion of fans – and a slew of awards – for its top quality sakes since the 1990s.

Now that’s a feat for any brewery, but especially for one based in a prefecture with the second largest number of sake breweries in Japan. Part of it is its way of making sake, a tradition that’s been handed down generations to now president and sake master Motoharu Nagahara, who runs the business with his family. Like his ancestors before him, Nagahara leverages on the pristine waters running through the Japanese Alps – and combines that with Nagano’s original yeast strains and top-grade Yamadanishiki and Miyamanishiki rice to create their range of six exquisite sakes.

For example, its signature Daiginjyo (大吟醸) – made with Yamadanishiki rice with a 39% polishing rate – was recently awarded the Gold Prize by the Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association at the Japan Sake Awards 2019. Likewise its Jyunmai Daiginjyo (純米大吟醸), which is made from locally-sourced Miyamanishiki rice and comes at 49% polishing rate, was a highlight at the award’s 89th edition back in 2018.

Other expressions include its Jyunmaishu (純米酒), Jyunmai Ginjyo (純米吟醸), the Tanrei Karakuchi (淡麗辛口), and the Genshu Namasake (原酒生酒). All these small-batch expressions from the brewery have previously only been available within Japan, and specifically Nagano and Tokyo.

And if you’re looking to try, the best way to enjoy all of these Takanami sake is through its limited edition sake bottling set. The family-owned Japanese brewery has collaborated with Singapore-born finger-painting artist Adeline Yeo Matsuzaki to create a series of artworks that are featured on the bottles of each of those sakes, making them rather collectible (after you’ve drunk their contents).

“Takanami is the celebration of a craft, meticulously passed down from generation to generation. Through this cross-cultural collaboration, the family and I hope to inspire the world to explore the bounteous offerings of Nagano Prefecture, starting from one of its best products – sake,” said Matsuzaki.

“My family has toiled day and night to honour the seven generations-long tradition behind Takanami, but nothing brings me more joy than seeing guests enjoy our sake with a bright smile,” Motoharu shared.

Takanami Sake is exclusively distributed by Kirei Japanese Food Supply; you can find Takanami’s award-winning Daiginjyo at CURE, Preludio, Xi Yan Maxwell, Don Quijote Spanish Restaurant & Bar and Bar A Vin.


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