We’re still a couple of months away from stepping back into the danger zone when Top Gun 2 hits the cinemas. But fret not because the real thing will be here this weekend in the form of the biennial Singapore Airshow, complete with a collaboration beer with the Brewerkz Afterburner Pacific Pale Ale.

With a full day of action out in the sun, a beer in hand seems to be a no-brainer, which is why you should check out Brewerkz‘s collaboration Experia Events (organisers for the airshow) instead of the usual fare when you’re there.

With the input of beer enthusiasts from the aviation industry, they’ve put together a beer for their peers in aviation, which they think will also be an enjoyable surprise for visitors: The Brewerkz Afterburner Pacific Pale Ale. “A high-energy event like the Singapore Airshow demands an equally high-octane beer,” quipped Tan Wee Han, Owner and CEO of Brewerkz.

Afterburner Pacific Pale Ale with ang ku kueh

Double-metaphorically speaking, of course; while it isn’t quite the high-octane jet fuel the name makes it out to be (we have Monster and Red Bull for that anyway), it sure does offer you some respite from the heat. No one goes to an airshow for beer tasting, but I’m glad to report that Afterburner checks all the boxes when it comes to refreshment and thirst-quenching, and its got enough in the flavour department to warrant seconds. It’s a very friendly pale ale that starts off with a fragrant hoppy zest that is balanced with a honeydew sweetness.

The beer is great on its own, and it’s also lovely paired with ang ku kueh. While we can’t speak for the rest of the food that will be available there, we did try the beer with some of Kueh Ho Jiak‘s creations (try the specially-designed, Airplane-shaped Ang Ku Kueh with Afterburner for starters) for a pleasant surprise; they’ll be present at the airshow as well.

Afterburner Pacific Pale Ale and other Brewerkz beers

The Brewerkz Afterburner Pacific Pale Ale will be available at the Singapore Airshow 2020 (more details here), from 11th to 16th February 2020, at the Changi Exhibition Centre. It will also be available at all Brewerkz restaurants for the month of February 2020. Trade orders can be placed from the link here.

Afterburner is priced at $180 per case of 24 x 330ml or $7.50 per can. The Airplane Ang Ku Kueh is priced at $6 for a set of three pieces (sweet potatoes, mung bean, peanut). Other offerings include Durian/Cempadak/Hae Bee Hiam in a standard shape (2pcs $5), Sago Kueh with Gula Melaka & Coconut (2pcs $4), Glutinous rice (1 box $5), Puteri Ayu Kaya or Strawberry (2pcs $4)


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