F&B group Lo and Behold jumps into online commerce with Clink Clink, its online shop selling a range of sommelier-curated wines.

Online stores in Singapore selling wines are a dime a dozen, but the latest to join the crop may just be built a little differently. Clink Clink is an online bottle shop started by local F&B giant The Lo & Behold Group, but it aims to present wines slightly differently. Unlike distributor-led sites that generally carry their own wine portfolios or online retailers shilling a wine range of plonk, Clink Clink offers restaurant-quality wines – it sells them in threes or sixes – that are recommended by sommeliers.

In fact Clink Clink’s main USP is its rather unique wine programme called the Global Sommelier Series. This special recommendation is essentially a rotating wine bundle of different wines that’s curated by a well-known sommelier from around the world. One of the latest bundles, for example, was put together by Rajat Parr. If you’re not familiar with Parr, he’s an award-winning sommelier turned winemaker who now makes wines at Sandhi Wines and Domaine de la Côte in Santa Barbara County, California, as well as Evening Land Vineyards in Oregon. Oh, he’s a three-time James Beard award winner as well, and featured on wine documentary SOMM too, no less.

Most of the wines offered on the site hail from Lo & Behold Group’s supplier and producer relationships that’ve been built over 15 years, many of which go into supplying its restaurants such as award-winning Odette, The White Rabbit, and The Black Swan, as well as wine bar Le Bon Funk.

“Our bundles have been designed for exploration. Customers can look for something they are familiar with and discover bottles that may push the boundaries by introducing lesser-known varieties, producers and regions. Such diversity and overall quality in the world of wine has never been so accessible until now,” says Lo & Behold’s group beverage manager and resident Sommelier Matthew Lamb (pictured above) on the philosophy on wine curation for Clink Clink.

“With Clink Clink, we reimagined the wine shopping experience by extracting the essence of the customer-sommelier relationship and made it simpler by bundling wines for customers to discover new possibilities,” shares Wee Teng Wen, Managing Partner of The Lo & Behold Group.

“Clink Clink is a culmination of all our years of wine curation and access to global networks which allow us to offer distinct selections at great value to sate every palate,” he adds.

Wines on the sommelier-curated online shop won’t break the bank – they’re certainly not bargain supermarket plonk, but none of them clock over $150 either. And you’ll get access to wines recommended by wine experts – aside from Rajat Parr – such as master sommeliers Pascaline Lepeltier from Racines in New York, and Isa Bal of London’s The Fat Duck, as well as Jane Lopes of NYC’s Eleven Madison Park.

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