Diageo has launched DiageoRareAndExceptional.com, a Singapore-based online store featuring its portfolio of some of the rarest luxury whiskies in the world.

Leading alcoholic beverage company Diageo is best known as the maker of popular Johnnie Walker range of blended whiskies. But the world’s second largest distiller also makes some of the most vaunted and iconic single malt Scotch whiskies, with names like Clynelish, Caol Ila, Oban, Talisker, and Mortlach. Just as importantly, Diageo holds on to one of the largest inventories of whisky stocks in the world, some of which hail from beloved distilleries that have closed down, such as Port Ellen and Brora.

Much of that precious stock goes into the special, limited-edition (read: pricy) bottlings that Diageo is so fond of releasing. Diageo’s annual special releases, for example, offers a fabulous snapshot of these whiskies. Then there’s the likes of the Port Ellen Untold Stories Series, which drips out exceptionally rare expressions from that closed distillery (which is set to reopen, but that’s another story). Or the recently announced Diageo Prima & Ultima collection, which puts together eight very rare vintage single malts into a set that’s every whisky collector’s wet dream.

The problem is that most of these rare whiskies don’t tend to enter the regular whisky market. You probably won’t have access to these in Singapore unless you know people who know people (who know people in Diageo). Indeed many of these whiskies are already snapped up by rich private collectors even before the allocation arrives.

Diageo Prima & Ultima Collection

Until now.

The Singapore office of Diageo’s private client arm, Diageo Rare and Exceptional has launched DiageoRareAndExceptional.com, the ultimate destination for whisky aficionados and collectors who desire access to many of these hard-to-find whiskies owned, blended and bottled by Diageo.

The site is also set to be regularly updated with new and exclusive content from Diageo’s top ambassadors, blenders and private client service team experts discussing everything in the whisky sector from the history of these treasured brands, to the latest trends in the whisky auction market. Visitors will also be able to discover all about the exceptional services offered in select markets including premium and ultra-premium (virtual) tasting experiences.

So looking for that Royal Lochnagar 17 Year Old 175th Anniversary edition that celebrates the founding of that Highland distillery? That elusive bottle of Mortlach 47 Year Old? Or how about the almost impossible-to-lay-your-hands-on Brora 40 Year Old – 200th Anniversary edition?

You may just find them on the DiageoRareandExceptional.com. Just get your chequebooks ready.

Find out more at DiageoRareandExceptional.com.



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