Guinness Great Grill Out 2020 assembles a platter of virtual and physical events that celebrate plenty of Guinness and grilled goodness.

The Great Grill Out is back! The annual month-long barbecue festival sees a programming tweak this year, and returns as a combination of virtual and physical events due to the challenges imposed by the coronavirus pandemic.

For the 2020 edition the popular stout brand Guinness working with various partners and like-minded collaborators to introduce Grill In, allowing consumers to experience Guinness Great Grill Out but in the comforts of their own home. It has worked with various talented local chefs and personalities to create a series of online courses covering all aspects of the perfect grill, tailored to the home experience.

For example, one session sees popular mod-Sin private home dining chef Shen Ten of Ownself Make Chef show how to cook Guinness inspired recipes at home, while another features Bobby Yeoh of East Side Butchers teach on how to pick the right meat cuts for the grill.

Guinness Great Grill Out 2020 indoors

But if you prefer not to wrestle with the grill at home, there are dine-out options as well. There’s hip outdoor space Kult Yard working with handcrafted sausage specialist Sidecar for bangers and beer, while gastrobar Hopscotch is featuring a special Guinness-infused menu. Or there’s local pub chain Harry’s too; you can get your Guinness there at just $30++ for three pints, or $45++ for five at its South Beach outlet if you pre-order online.

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