Leading Korean soju maker JINRO has tied up with American fruit juice brand Sunkist for JINRO x Sunkist Lemonade Sour and Orangeade Sour.

Remember Sunkist, the ubiquitous orange fruit juice drink pretty much all of us grew up with? The fizzy orange soda was so popular at one point – during the ’80s and ’90s – it was probably found in almost every refrigerator; in fact it is still the most popular orange soda in the United States.

But chances are it’s been a while since you’ve tasted Sunkist, now that you’re grown up, adulting and all. Well here’s a good reason to revisit that childhood flavour – Sunkist has tied up with leading Korean soju maker JINRO for JINRO x Sunkist, a new range of alcoholic beverages that combine the best of what both companies have to offer. They are also the first alcoholic beverages by Sunkist since the brand was launched in 1979.

There are currently two flavours in the JINRO x Sunkist range – Lemonade Sour and Orangeade Sour. Both are refreshing fruit juice-based coolers that have been spiked with soju to an Alcohol By Volume (ABV) of 4%. Both are twists on Japanese-style chuhai sours, which are essentially fruit-flavoured alcoholic drinks that are commonly sold in convenience stores and from vending machines.

One of the greatest accusations thrown at Sunkist over the years is that their beverages actually contain very little fruit juice; in this case the Lemonade Sour, a take on the nostalgic lemonade, contains 10% real lemon juice, while the Orangeade Sour contains two types of orange juice, making up 20% of its content. While that can’t compare to real fruit juice, they are still higher than most fruit-based liquor products in the market (and probably higher than the original Sunkist juice drink).

JINRO x Sunkist Lemonade Sour and Orangeade Sour
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The JINRO x Sunkist Lemonade Sour and Orangeade Sour are sold as loose 350ml cans (S$5.90 each) as well as cartons of 24. They can be purchased online on Shopee, Lazada, Qoo10, store.ambernectar.com.sg, as well as at 7- Eleven. From 9 June to 6 July 2021, customers may purchase three cans of either the Lemonade Sour or the Orangeade Sour for the price of two at most 7-Eleven outlets island-wide. House of Amber Nectar is the sole authorised importer of JINRO x Sunkist in Singapore.


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