ICEX Spain awards 12 Spanish restaurants in Singapore with its Restaurants from Spain certification for their work in promoting Spanish gastronomy.

Some Spanish restaurants are more Spanish than others. Well, that’s according to ICEX Spain, the country’s agency responsible for the international promotion of Spanish firms. It recently announced the introduction in Singapore of its Restaurants from Spain certification program, which recognises restaurants around the world that promote Spanish cuisine and gastronomy. This makes Singapore the first country in Asia to implement this certification program.

The 12 Spanish restaurants in Singapore awarded with the Restaurants from Spain certification are:

  • Asador
  • Binomio
  • FOC
  • FOC Sentosa
  • Gaig
  • Next Door Spanish Cafe
  • Olivia
  • Tapas,24
  • Tapas Club (Orchard)
  • Tapas Club (Vivocity)
  • Tapas Club (Jewel Changi Airport)
  • UNA

Restaurants from Spain

The idea for the certification program is to support international initiatives that are focused on Spanish gastronomy. This recognition helps establish quality standards and aids consumers in identifying establishments that provide authentic Spanish cuisine. According to ICEX Spain, it’s not to act as a form of gastronomic criticism of venues who don’t get certified, but to recognise those that can present themselves global ambassadors of Spanish cuisine.

The annual certification – which comes with specialised training in both gastronomy and Spanish wines, aside from a recognisable plaque – will allow the awardees greater access to suppliers of Spanish products as aided by the agency.

A total of 48 restaurants have just been certified since the program was introduced as of last year. Aside from the 12 in Singapore, there are 16 of them in the United Kingdom, 5 in Ireland, 4 in Netherlands, 3 in Switzerland, 4 in China, 3 in Germany and 1 in Belgium.

The agency expects around a hundred more restaurants to be added in 2022, expanding the seal to markets as diverse as the United States, Mexico, and Japan.

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