Singapore’s newest craft beer brand, District Brewers, debuts with three brews each named after a district in Singapore.

When it rains, it pours. In this case, Singapore’s craft brewing scene. Where once the industry was dominated by industrial giants pushing out commercial beers with just one or two independent producers – Brewerkz and RedDot Brewhouse, specifically – the past few years has seen an explosive rise in the number of Singapore craft brewing startups ever since Pink Blossoms and Brewlander appeared on the scene.

In just the past two years alone we’ve seen Off Day Beer Company, Sunbird Brewing Co, Niang Brewery Co, Civilization Brewing Co, Alive Brewing and more pop up to make the local craft beer scene the most vibrant and fun it has been for a very long time.

The latest to burst onto this space? District Brewers.

District Brewers is a gypsy brewer, meaning it doesn’t own its own physical beer-making facilities but instead leases capacity from other breweries to make their beers. This is how Brewlander first started, when they made their beers in Cambodia and shipped them back to Singapore. It is how a number of local brewers currently operate too – Off Day Beer Company, Civilization Brewing Co, Niang Brewery, among others.

District Brewers was started with the idea of growing Singapore’s craft beer market by providing quality and consistent products at a reasonable price. The local craft beer brand currently brews their beers at Brewlander’s state-of-the-art brewery in Tuas West, under the auspices of The Craft Alliance.

District Brewers officially launched early December this year, debuting with three brews – the Tuas Factor Pilsner, Mandai Lager and Orchard Hop’in Session IPA. Each are named for different districts in Singapore – Tuas where most of Singapore’s heavy industry is, the nature reserves of Mandai, and the commercial and diplomatic hub of the country that is Orchard Road.

The three brews have conceptualized with the historical and cultural nuances in mind for the beer’s flavour profile. They’re also made for easy drinking – or ‘sessionable’, in industry parlance. “We’re looking to bridge the gap between macro beers on one end, and the extremely geeky craft beers on the other,” District Brewers’ founder and owner Stefan Koh tells us.

More locally themed beers will be released subsequently, with a nod to other prominent districts around the island, he added.

District Brewers’ three debut beers – Tuas Factor Pilsner, Mandai Lager and Orchard Hop’in Session IPA – can be found at good craft beer bars, eateries and retailers islandwide.

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