ties up with Analogue Initiative for World Environment Day to present food and art pop-up A Conscious Affair. celebrates World Environment Day on 5 June this year in style with a special pop-up at Analogue Initiative. The travel booking site has partnered the award-winning sustainability-focused gastrobar for A Conscious Affair – a food and art weekend popup that takes place from 3 to 5 June 2022 – to highlight the need for sustainability and environmental consciousness.

As part of the tie-up, has collaborated with Analogue Initiative – Singapore’s fully plant-based restaurant and bar – on an exclusive tasting menu offered during this period. This unique menu selection draws inspiration from iconic destinations around the world such as Japan, Spain and Morocco, and works in Analogue’s unique plant-based spin into it.

Dishes include Spanish Sun & Japanese Puris, the former a gazpacho made with local tomatoes from Singapore’s own aeroponics TomatoTown and the latter a Japanese take on the classic Indian puri street snack, while Moroccan Morsel is a robust warm salad made with some of the most carbon-efficient dishes on the planet, such as potato, carrot, onion and zucchini. For dessert there’s Bangkok Jam, a twist on agar-agar jelly using seasonal fruits and infused with lime.

A Conscious Affair - Aztec Tepache
A Conscious Affair is a literal taste of sustainability. Here the Aztec Tepache is made with a cordial derived from pineapple skins that are normally discarded.

Then there’s the alcoholic tipple that’s Aztec Tepache. This is a rum-based highball made with a cordial derived from pickled pineapple skin, infused with lapsang souchong tea that’s spiced up with a hint of black pepper.

The art component of A Conscious Affair sees Singapore art collective Mama Magnet and Thailand’s Human Spectrum commissioned to create create an interactive installation, titled “As We Move”. The light-focused piece invites visitors to interact with it and challenges them to be more conscious of the imprint they leave behind, especially as they embark on their travels.

The idea here behind the multi-faceted experience art and dining experience by is to remind us of our impact on the planet. Will it challenge us to think about how little tweaks to our personal consumption patterns can help better our world? Head down to A Conscious Affair and find out.

The A Conscious Affair food and art pop-up by at Analogue Initiative takes place 3-5 June 2022. For reservations, call 85181882 or visit

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