Newly released Royal Salute 21 Year Old Jodhpur Polo Edition is the blended Scotch whisky brand’s hat tip to the Indian city of Jodhpur where modern polo was invented.

The city of Jodhpur, located in India’s northwestern state of Rajasthan, is known for many things – the blue-painted houses that line the streets in its old quarter leading to it being referred to as the “Blue City”, its impressive forts and palaces, and the majestic Rajasthani cuisine, among others.

Jodhpur is also the birthplace of modern polo. During the 19th century, British officers stationed in this part of India fell in love with the game that first originated as a form of cavalry training among the cultures of central Asia. They then adapted the rules and introduced the game back home, where it spread to the rest of the British Empire. Today the modern game of polo is mostly associated with the elite, and mostly taking place in exclusive men’s clubs. Because, you know, the need for horses.


To honour the sport – as well as the historic Indian city that birthed its modern version – Royal Salute earlier this year announced the newest release in its iconic Polo Collection, the Royal Salute 21 Year Old Jodhpur Polo Edition. This fifth release, put together by Royal Salute’s master blender Sandy Hyslop, was inspired by the rich spices and flavours from that part of India.

“I always focus on telling the story of an expression when I am crafting a new release and so I was naturally drawn towards the iconic flavours of India when crafting the 21 Year Old Jodhpur Polo Edition,” says Royal Salute Master Blender Sandy Hyslop. “To honour these spices and aromas, I wanted this bespoke blend to have notes of sweet mango chutney and a spicy finish, to compliment the richness. With every sip, this expression transports you to the magic of Jodhpur.”

We concur. On the nose we get ripe Chaunsa mango, rich wood spice in warm cinnamon and aromatic clove, while the palate offers strong vanilla and robust oak that’s rounded out by ripe stone fruit and green cardamom along with an endearingly dusty earthen finish. A liquid representation of Rajasthan, if you will.

ROYAL SALUTE Polo Jodhpur Lifestyle

Whisky aficionados will know that Royal Salute was originally conceived as a gift by Chivas for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth back in 1953. Over the years the premium blended Scotch whisky brand has issued a slew of limited edition releases to commemorate concepts around royalty and monarchy (for example, the Royal Salute 30 Year Old Key to the Kingdom). This new release, honouring the ‘Sport of Kings’, continues that tradition.

The Royal Salute 21 Year Old Jodhpur Polo Edition comes in Royal Salute’s signature flagon but coloured in a vibrant mango yellow, etched on the front with two polo players in mid-play. The box itself is blue, flourished with artwork that depicts a magical night in Jodhpur with a full moon casting its glow on a majestic Indian palace – complete with a polo field – in the foreground.

“Jodhpur has a strong history with the sport and is referred to as one of the oldest homes of the modern game. This rich equestrian heritage, along with its spectacular historic architecture and its blue houses, makes it a fitting destination to honour with the exceptional 21 Year Old Jodhpur Polo Edition,” says Royal Salute World Polo Ambassador, Malcom Borwick.

The Royal Salute 21 Year Old Jodhpur Polo Edition is available in limited quantities at selected specialist retailers around the globe for a recommended retail price of US$160. In Singapore, it is available in limited quantities on (for members).

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