Specialty beef steakhouse Wagyu X ups the steaks with an uncommon Hokkaido wagyu cross that’s chargrilled over binchotan and then smoked with cherry wood. 

Unlike many contemporary steakhouses these days, Japanese steakhouse Wagyu X is steak-centric.

And not just any steak. Here the hero offering is a special Hokkaido wagyu crossbreed that Wagyu X chef-owner Masahisa Takada had discovered while exploring the length and breadth of Japan. Impressed by what he believed was the perfect juxtaposition of fattiness and distinctive marbling of A5 wagyu with the signature robust flavours of Angus beef, Chef Masahiro nicknamed the cross Wagyu X.

So yes, the steak restaurant is literally named after the breed.

The Japanese minimalist steakhouse first opened at Club Street last year with little fanfare to offer this special wagyu. Available in sirloin, ribeye, and tenderloin cuts, they were simply chargrilled over binchotan to bring out the meat’s best flavours.

The spread at Wagyu X

Months down the road Chef Masahiro, or Masa as he is affectionately called, decided to tweak his approach. The veteran chef – whose experience runs from being former head chef of renowned Osteria La Luna Rossa in Tokyo and Singapore, as well as the former head chef of Piedmont’s Michelin-starred Pisterna – drew on his Japanese roots and Italian training and came up with a new way to experience this prized beef.

Now not only is the beef cuts first seared over binchotan, they are then further smoked using sakura or cherry tree wood to imbue smoky yet fruity notes to the meat. Our Wagyu X Sirloin, for example, offered a good balance of juicy bite and unctuousness with each chew with an almost bacon-like aftertaste.

“Beef of this quality and calibre are usually grilled in thin pieces, seldom as a whole steak. I was curious as to how it tastes as a steak and am personally very surprised by how the fats is rendered into a crispy exterior,” Chef Masa tells us.

“It opened my eyes to a new way of enjoying this wagyu crossbreed.”

Beef Carpaccio at Wagyu X

There are other ways to enjoy this too. Wagyu X Carpaccio is served Italian style, sliced razor-thin and topped with arugula and parmesan with a light drizzle of truffle oil. There’s also fancy Wagyu Fried Rice, the Japanese-style yakimeshi studded with bits of wagyu. Or the Wagyu Fat Fries, just because.

There are a number of non-beef options on the menu. The Chilled Truffle Somen is a good way to whet the appetite – you can choose to have it topped with scallop or uni – while sides like the Horenso Gomaae (a sesame seed sauce-drenched spinach ohitashi salad) or Asazuke Cucumber are good to help cut the grease from your beef.

But ultimately, you’re here for Wagyu X.

Wagyu X

Address 82 Club St, Singapore 069450 (Google Maps link)
Opening Hours 11am to 3pm and 5pm to 10pm daily
Tel (65) 8795 6664
Web www.wagyux.sg
Facebook wagyuxsg
Instagram @wagyuxsg
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