For those with more esoteric pursuits in life - such as collecting and drinking wine - there's a chance that their hobbies can form the basis for alternative investments.
We interview Chef Josef Mühlmann of award-winning Innervillgraten, Tyrol-based restaurant Gannerhof for a quick chat about Austria's sometimes misunderstood Alpine cuisine.
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Co-founder of SPUN Spirits, Matthew Fergusson-Stewart spent over 17 years in the whisky industry and more than five years as a whisky brand ambassador (in fact he still spends some time doing brand ambassadorial work for spirits companies). He shares his tips on how to run a spirits masterclass.
With wine and spirits investments becoming viable asset classes in recent time, our co-editor Justin Choo explores this pursuit for liquid gold.
As the world inches its way towards normality, the post pandemic wine world - much like many other industries - is certainly looking like a very different beast now.