Descending upon our shores like a U.S Navy seaman on his first offshore leave after a long deployment is Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, an 80 proof blended Caribbean rum distilled in the US Virgin Islands.

Sailor Jerry is named after renown tattoo artist Normal Keith Collins, who made a living tattooing American sailors. Sailor Jerry Limited was started about 30 years after his passing in 1973 to create a fashion and accessories line, but soon evolved to working with William Grant & Sons to produce a rum based on a traditional seafaring recipe. Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, with its intense notes of vanilla, toffee and cinnamon notes, was born. William Grant & Sons would later buy out the brand outright in 2008, and in 2010 tweaked the original recipe to make it less sweet.

Of course, Sailor Jerry isn’t exactly a premium rum, but should lend itself well as an ingredient to rum-based cocktails with its big, bold, and spicy flavours. Note that the version we get here comes in much at a lower ABV than the 92 proof for the original US version.

If you’re looking to try Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum or cocktails made with it, you can find it at Halia @ Raffles Hotel and Sauce.


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