Anyone can pour a beer, but not everybody can pour a perfect pint – and Heineken, the third largest brewer in the world, actually has a team of people who travel around the world teaching bar staff around the world the right way to pour its beer. Called the ‘Heineken Star Serve Ritual’, it’s a technique the Heineken global brand team has developed to show beer servers exactly how to serve and present a glass of Heineken draught beer at its very best.

“Every step of the Heineken Star Serve ritual is important. The detailed ritual is designed to enhance the pleasure of enjoying a Heineken draught beer,” says Franck Evers, Heineken’s Global Draught Master (pictured above).

heineken star serve

The five-step process of the ritual – Rinse, Pour, Skim, Check and Serve – has been taught to over 100,000 bar staff from over 62 countries around the world under Heineken’s Star Serve Programme. Heineken even provides lapel pins to be adorned by bar staff trained under the programme, as well as awards ‘Heineken Star Serve Certified’ decals to establishments with trained staff.

The key thing to look out for? “The foam has to sit nice and firm on the shoulder of the star (logo on the glass),” insists Evers who was recently in Singapore to school new bar staff and re-train existing ones on the Star Serve Programme.

In the month of June, consumers can also help identify such star servers – all they need to do is to post a picture of their perfect Heineken Star Serve draught beer with the #heinekensg and #starservesg hashtags and stand a chance to win exciting prizes.

So next month, you can put fear in the hearts of bartenders serving Heineken across Singapore by scrutinizing their pour. That, unfortunately, is the price of star-dom.


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