If you’ve noticed something a little different about your Tiger beer bottle, you aren’t imagining it: the island’s second most iconic feline (first if you don’t count hybrids) is now less confined by its logo border, while the letter ‘g’ has been redesigned to look more like the number ‘8’, a traditionally auspicious symbol in Asian culture.

Tiger labelsThe old (left) and new livery side by side

Following its takeover by Heineken back in 2012, Tiger’s first significant rebranding exercise takes a considerably aspirational turn with its new Uncage campaign, addressing the all-too-familiar theme of breaking free of restraints and convention. It’s a common theme in societies with Asian values, but in this day and age, bound to strike a chord with the countless dissatisfied around the world.

Tiger has engaged several personalities who have challenged conformity to find their calling, one of whom is our very own Camera d’Or and Golden Horse winner, Anthony Chen of Ilo Ilo fame.

To find out more about the campaign, check out tigeruncage.com. If you are interested in the full-length features, head over to Tiger’s Youtube channel.


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