We who keenly appreciate our spirits have our dos and don’ts — for some of us, single malt scotch on the rocks may be an abomination.

But I’d wager even the most puritanical of drinkers will relent if their whisky (for the pedantic, whiskey, in this instance) was served up with as much love and drama, like so:

This was part of a Art of Japanese Whisky campaign held in Japan earlier this year, where Suntory invited the public to submit their 3D designs (capturing 2D images with an app called 123D Catch). Ten winners got to enjoy their creation with a dash of Suntory’s whiskies. 

Suntory 3d-2

You can check out the rest of the designs here.

If it’s the whiskies you want to try out, you can check out the Whisky and Wine Experience at Beer Fest 2014, which will be presented by Beam Suntory. It’s a good opportunity to experience the Suntory range of Japanese whiskies, which has been critically acclaimed the world over. Here’s what you can expect when you visit their booth (W01-W17) this June: 

Suntory Kakubin (ABV: 40%), S$8 (per serving, unless stated)

Hakushu 12Yo (ABV: 43%), S$14

Hakushu 18Yo (ABV: 43%), S$20

Hakushu 25Yo (ABV: 43%), S$1,455 (bottle price)

Hakushu Distiller’s Reserve (ABV: 43%), S$10

Hibiki 12Yo (ABV: 43%), S$12

Hibiki 17Yo (ABV: 43%), S$20

Hibiki 21Yo (ABV: 43%), S$866 (bottle price)

Hibiki 30Yo (ABV: 43%), S$2153 (bottle price)

Yamazaki 12YO (ABV: 43%), S$14

Yamazaki 18Yo (ABV: 43%), S$20

Yamazaki 25Yo (ABV: 43%), S$1695 (bottle price)

Yamazaki Distiller’s Reserve (ABV: 43%), S$10


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