If there’s one collaboration that’s mastered the art of making luxurious things even more premium, it’s probably Macallan and Lalique. The famous single malt Scotch whisky brand and the legendary French glassmaker has again conspired to present The Macallan in Lalique “The Spiritual Home”, an exquisite and rare 62-year old single malt housed in a unique decanter.

The fifth in The Macallan in Lalique Six Pillars Collection, “The Spiritual Home” sees liquid from The Macallan originally filled in November 1950 into American oak sherry seasoned casks put into a crystal masterpiece made by Lalique. It’s named after Easter Elchies House, The Macallan’s spiritual home, with Lalique’s Marc Larminaux faithfully recreating the harled surface applied to the sandstone walls of Easter Elchies House by creating a textured frosted surface on three sides of the decanter, an effect created through the use of a ‘digital stamp’ of the actual wall; in contrast three sides of the decanter have been left in clear crystal. One of the frosted sides features the bold initials, JEG, replicating the initials which are incorporated in the original date stone, which can be seen high up on the western elevation of Easter Elchies House. These are the initials of Captain John Grant, who oversaw the building of the present manor house in 1700. The date stone itself, with both initials and date, is replicated in its entirety at the base of one of the side panels of the decanter. The distinctive “crow-steps” at the gable ends of the house have also been interpreted through the steps on the neck of the decanter, leading up to the proud standing stopper, representing one of the chimneys.

Easter Elchies House

Easter Elchies House (ABOVE) is the only manor home of its kind to be part of a distillery estate in Scotland and dates back to 1700 when it was built by Captain John Grant

“The Six Pillars of The Macallan are the inspiration behind this wonderful collection; they comprise those elements which combine to give our exceptional single malt whisky its supreme quality and distinctive character. This is the penultimate decanter on an inspirational journey to the heart of The Macallan. Easter Elchies House is the only manor home of its kind to be part of a distillery estate in Scotland and dates back to 1700 when it was built by Captain John Grant,” says David Cox, Director of Fine & Rare Whiskies for The Macallan.

“This is the second oldest Macallan ever released by the distillery since its foundation in 1824,” Cox adds. The oldest Macallan ever released was the Cire Perdue decanter – made to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the birth of Lalique founder René Lalique which was sold for $460,000 in a spirited auction at Sotheby’s in New York City in 2010 – that contained a 64-year old whisky.

Macallan and Lalique will only produce 400 individually numbered decanters of the Spiritual Home edition, of which 40 will be available exclusively in Southeast Asia. In Singapore, The Macallan will be donating the sale of the first purchased decanter to non-profit housing organisation Habitat for Humanity Singapore.

The Spiritual Home decanter is valued at SGD$33,000 and is available from May 2014.



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