Asia Pacific Breweries has finally taken the sombrero off to unveil Desperados, the tequila flavoured beer owned by parent company Heineken that’s already available in over 70 countries globally.

Desperados is a lime-accented, tequila-flavoured Euro pale lager that’s slightly sweet and almost no bitterness. Made with real tequila, it’s really a strong party drink – at 5.9% ABV – that’s targeted at the younger demographic, very much like how the old e-thirty three cider (remember those?) took over Singapore’s party floors by storm in the early 90s.

“Desperados not only expands but excites the local beer category with its unique product proposition as a tequila flavoured beer. With Desperados, we aim to create new beer experiences for consumers in Singapore by introducing a beer that is best suited for and synonymous with delivering an unforgettable party experience,” said Rene de Monchy, Head of Marketing, APB Singapore.

Not a Mexican product despite its branding and association with tequila, Desperados was first launched in 1995 in France – originally by Strasbourg-based Fischer – but has since moved production to other Heineken-owned breweries. According to APB, the product has been globally well-received, with double-digit growth in the last six years accelerated by its growth in key markets such the United Kingdom and Germany.

Desperados will be available at leading party bars, pubs and nightclubs like Zouk, Attica and Pump Room; and convenience stores and supermarkets like FairPrice Finest and Cold Storage.

Now I just can’t get this Eagles song out of my head.


Maker: Brasserie Fischer (Heineken)
Distributor: APB/Heineken
ABV: 5.9%
Volume: 330ml


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