So your beer-swilling friends are all going to Beerfest Asia, but you, you’re not quite that hoi polloi. You have better standards, and you need a drink that will rock both your zoot suit and show off some class.

Thankfully, you can still attend Asia’s leading beer festival and yet retain your well-slicked hipster cred – with cocktails. We earlier highlighted that leading local bespoke cocktail bar Bar Stories will be on hand to show off their creative chops at the Beam Suntory Cocktail Bar.

bar stories

Their creative genius when it comes to mixology is phenomenal, but if you’re not too familiar with cocktail vernacular to order a customized cocktail, you faker, be thankful we managed to land the cocktail list from Bar Stories – their “Classics with A Twist” – showcasing some of the more “standard” drinks that will be on offer that uses an eclectic mix of Beam Suntory spirits:

Dutch Rosemary Cooler (with Bols Genever)

A mojito to-go? This refreshing cocktail revives the sensory experience of stepping into a garden of fresh herbs. Start your night with something light!

Pinnacle of Passion (with Pinnacle Vodka)

Imbibe in this easy-drinking potion laced with fresh passion fruit. A must-try if you’re lusting for a sweet, fruity fix.

Auchentoshan Spiced Cooler (with Auchentoshan American Oak)

Spicing up the classic whisky sour, this gentlemen’s drink is infused with ginger to add an invigorating contrast to the otherwise trite lemon and simple syrup.

Mai Tai (with Cruzan Light Rum, Cruzan Dark Rum & Bols Dry Orange)

Zesty with lime juice topped with a cinnamon stick for flavour, don’t end your night on a sour note unless it’s with this tipple.

Maker’s Mark Old Fashioned (with Maker’s Mark Bourbon)

Relive the nostalgia of a good ol’ fashioned that transports you back to a vivid memory. This cocktail is aromatic and spirit forward.

Blue Vesper (with Effen Vodka & Larios 12 Gin)

Originating from the 1953 James Bond novel Casino Royale, this aquatic brew is “very strong, cold and very well-made”, as quoted by Mr. Bond himself.


All cocktails at $15 nett.


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