Singapore’s turning 49 in August this year, and to commemorate the occasion Tiger Beer is shedding its traditional blue and gold livery for a red and white one. At least for this period of enthusiastic patriotism, that is.

For a limited time the special Tiger Beer National Day edition will come as a pack of ten 330ml cans – at a recommended retail price of $25.60 at all major supermarkets and hypermarkets – that’s perfect for celebrating Singapore’s birthday with friends and family during the National Day festivities.

While Tiger Beer has over the years undergone various rebranding efforts, this is the first time the home-grown brand has dressed itself in colours other than its corporate colours in such an initiative.

Tiger Beer_Limited Edition National Day 10x330ml Packs (C) Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore


In a further act of nationalistic fervour Tiger Beer also collaborated with local YouTube sensation TreePotatoes to create a video clip that takes the piss at various Singaporean quirks, such as our love for hawker food, the ability to string a single sentence using multiple languages, as well as our penchant for complaining about everything under the sun (and about the sun as well):

In addition, Tiger Beer is kick-starting a crowd-sourced movement to get Singaporeans to participate in 49 activities – what it calls ‘acts of pride’ over a period of seven days, from 1 to 7 August 2014.

The idea is to get fans to visit Tiger Beer’s Facebook page ( and follow instructions to complete different tasks, such as posting pictures of their favourite local dishes (which should be second nature), to pairing Tiger Beer’s limited-edition cans with Singapore’s iconic landmarks. Featured acts may win invitations to Tiger Beer’s exclusive National Day party on 9th August.

“Singapore is the birthplace of Tiger Beer, and since 1932, the brand has grown to become an intrinsic part of the Singapore identity. What better way then, to wear our pride on our cans and display where our roots truly are,” says Mr Rene de Monchy, Head of Marketing, Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore. “This National Day, we would love to paint the town red and white with our fans and consumers, and encourage them to join the ‘seven acts in seven days’ movement to showcase their appreciation for the country in their own creative ways.”

We reckon the new livery works for Chinese New Year too, don’t you think?


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