If there’s a sure sign that Singapore’s homebrewing scene is taking off, it’s the growing popularity of the annual iBrew Challenge where dozens of homebrewers come together to pitch their beermaking skills against one another. Organized by homebrew supply shop iBrew, this year’s edition of the competition will take place on 30th August in what should prove to be another packed event.

There will be two components for iBrew Challenge 2014: a bottle challenge as well as a keg challenge. For the bottle component, submissions will be reviewed by a judging panel – comprising of Raymond Lee, owner of iBrew, Meng Chao, owner of Brewers’ Craft bottle shop and Smith Street Taps, Pump Room brewer Hayman Tin, and homebrewer and provisional BJCP judge Ed Allen – that will see five beers shortlisted per category. This will be followed by another tasting round that will decide on a winner, a runner-up as well as one designated as Best Of Show (which was won by Andrew Tierney last year for his Oaked Sunset). In the keg challenge – which is invite-only – the judges will simply draw samples from each keg for review and judge based on drinkability, balance and taste.

This year the top five shortlisted brewers will be on hand at the event serving up their own brews – in a departure from last year’s practice – which gives them the opportunity to interact with attendees.

Tickets are $50 for early bird special, and $60 on-site – that’s a steal, considering it’s free flow beer of homebrew as well as a number of kegs of commercial craft beers sponsored by local craft beer distributors. If you’re an aspiring home brewer – or just a beer lover – do check out the iBrew Challenge.

ibrew challenge 2014


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