Snow Leopard Vodka, a six-times distilled premium vodka, was launched in Singapore yesterday by brand owner Edrington.

First started by founder Stephen Sparrow in 2006 after an inspired life-changing visit to the Himalayas where he learned of the plight of the threatened snow leopard, the vodka brand has a philanthropic commitment to donate 15% of all its profits to the Snow Leopard Trust which strives in the conservation of that endangered species. The money goes towards various initiatives, such as educating local communities, scientific research and insuring livestock (so herders don’t hunt down cats that kill their livestock) with the ultimate aim of protecting the cat, which is native to countries surrounding the Himalayan ranges. Snow Leopard Vodka long-term goal of raising US$1,000,000 annually from its profits for snow leopard conservation.

As for the vodka itself, the spirit is made from spelt – as opposed to other grain such as wheat, or even made from potatoes, for other brands –  and artesian water, and distilled six times in Poland’s Polmos Lublin distillery (which also makes the vodka brands Żołądkowa Gorzka and Lubelska) and then twice filtered over charcoal to produce a distinctly differentiated taste and a smooth, clean finish. Edrington officially obtained a majority stake in Snow Leopard Vodka in 2013 to help facilitate its global distribution.

“Edrington has a long commitment to the social causes – contributing to the communities and the environment is a critical part of all our business decisions. When the team at Edrington found out about Stephen and his incredible commitment to the plight of the snow leopards, we were instantly captivated,” said Geoff Kirk, Managing Director, Edrington South East Asia.

“This, coupled with the highest quality vodka, was the perfect match for us and we are proud to be launching Snow Leopard Vodka in Singapore today.”

Sparrow and Edrington officially launched the brand by kicking off a delivery of the first fifteen cases of Snow Leopard vodka to premium bars around the city by a team of ten cyclists from Singapore’s Cat Welfare Society (CWS). This was inspired by Snow Leopard Vodka’s beginnings, when Sparrow would personally deliver bottles of vodka on his battered £200 street bike to various bars around town.

Snow Leopard Vodka is even appreciated by royalty and high profile celebrities, such as Princes William and Harry, Prince Albert of Monaco, Stella McCartney and Vivienne Westwood.

“Just a few years ago, my office was my kitchen table and I delivered the first cases of Snow Leopard Vodka throughout London on my bicycle,” Sparrow mused. “That we now have a global brand and are introducing Snow Leopard Vodka to Singapore is a testament to the quality of this vodka and the strength of our cause,” he said.

Today, Snow Leopard Vodka sells around 1,000 cases a year in the UK, and has even gained popularity amongst royalty and high profile celebrities, including Princes William and Harry, Prince Albert of Monaco, Stella McCartney and Vivienne Westwood. In 2006 and 2010, the Beverage Tasting Institute awarded Snow Leopard Vodka a gold medal and named Snow Leopard the ‘Vodka Master’ in 2010. The vodka picked up a gold medal at the 2014 International Spirits Challenge in London.

Snow Leopard Vodka is now available at selected bars and premium retailers at a recommended retail price of S$118 per bottle.

SLV Conservation_martini_with_bottle

Snow Leopard
Maker: Snow Leopard (Edrington)
Spirit: Vodka, six times distilled and twice filtered over charcoal
ABV: 40%
Volume: 700ml



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