To many, the LOUIS XIII belongs to the ultra-premium category of fine spirits where it’s all about fancy decanters and even fancier price tags. While that may be true to some extent, what sets apart LOUIS XIII from the rest is its legacy, which has endured for more than a century by representing the finest cognac that money can buy.

First created in Cognac in 1874, the first decanters of LOUIS XIII to leave Europe headed for the United States in 1876, while Asia – from China and Hong Kong to Singapore – got a taste of Rémy Martin’s finest in 1881. LOUIS XIII first set foot on the shores of Singapore, Calcutta and Penang in 1881 and by 1883 it had reached Manila.

Today, it is a irrefutable icon in the world of fine cognacs, revered for its complex blend of 1,200 eaux-de-vie from Grand Champagne ranging from 40 to 100 years old, and bottled in that unmistakable decanter adorned with the fleur-de-lis.


And to celebrate its 140th anniversary, the house of LOUIS XIII has launched “Quest for a Legend”, a worldwide search to unveil the oldest and rarest LOUIS XIII decanters on earth. They are inviting private collectors in Singapore, Malaysia, India and the Philippines to unveil their hidden treasures in a first-ever quest to discover gems from its own legacy.

This “Quest” will kick off first in Singapore, Malaysia, India and the Philippines starting on 3 February, 2015 and ending 31 March, 2015, after which it will make its way to other parts of the world.

With this campaign, the house of LOUIS XIII hopes to unearth the rarest decanters in existence; the most unique and best preserved, and perhaps more importantly, the legacy of those decanters. Be it an old heirloom or a cherished memento, they hope too, to find the stories behind these prized possessions.

Ludovic du Plessis, Global Executive Director LOUIS XIII, says that “the ‘Quest for a Legend’, offers LOUIS XIII fans and collectors the chance to be part of the brand’s history. It is a chance to unite devotees of legacy, craftsmanship, beauty, history, adventure and legend. This Quest is not a race against time, it is time itself that we are after.”

LOUIS XIII collectors in Singapore who are in possession of extremely rare LOUIS XIII decanters, are encouraged to submit their entries to the local Rémy Martin office. Entries can also be submitted online at

The owners of the rarest decanter found in Singapore, Malaysia, India and the Philippines will win the grand prize of a visit to the Rémy Martin Estate in Cognac, France. If you’ve always wondered about that ancient LOUIS XIII bottle that you have squirreled away in a cabinet somewhere, this might be the best time to seek its legacy.

LOUIS XIII decanters over the years

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Competition guidelines

  • Contest entry period is between 3 February 2015 and 31 March 2015
  • To enter the competition, participants in the competition must send photos of their unopened LOUIS XIII bottle via SMS Text, Whatsapp or to the local Rémy Martin office. Entries can also be submitted online at
  • Participants need to provide their full name, age, ID, contact information, nationality and details on how they obtained the bottle of LOUIS XIII
  • Participants can submit more than one bottle
  • The LOUIS XIII team will follow up with each submission individually
  • The winner will be chosen by and expert committee who will assess each bottle with a set criteria
  • Rémy Cointreau International (RCI) reserves the right to make the final decision

Terms & conditions


  • Must be the legal owner of the bottle
  • Must be citizens or residents of the participating countries in SEAMI
  • Must be 18 years and above, 25 years of age for India
  • Must agree to absolve LOUIS XIII/RCI from any liability with regard to handling of the entry bottle


  • The bottle must be unopened, with at least 50% of original liquid (this will be verified by RCI and the House of Rémy Martin)


The prize is a trip to the Rémy Martin Estate in Cognac, France which includes:

  • Two return Business class air tickets
  • Two first class return train tickets between Paris and Angouleme
  • Car pick up transfer to the Estate
  • A hosted lunch at the Estate
  • Guided Tour of the Estate, grounds, cellars and distillery
  • A tasting of LOUIS XIII and Dinner
  • One night’s accommodation in Cognac

For the full list of details and terms & conditions, visit


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