To commemorate Singapore’s 50th birthday celebrations (SG50) this year, Tiger Beer has announced that it will be releasing cans and bottles carrying adaptions of its livery originally introduced in 1965, the year Singapore officially got its independence.


Inspired by the first Tiger Beer can from 1965, the classic livery will again grace Tiger beer cans, pint and large bottle formats for a limited period.

“Tiger Beer has been an intrinsic part of the Singapore identity and culture since its inception in 1932,” said Rene de Monchy, Head of Marketing, Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore.

“As we celebrate the nation’s 50th birthday, we want Singaporeans to celebrate another great thing which was born in 1965 – the first Tiger Beer can.”


Consumers will be able to purchase four specially-designed SG50 15-can (330ml) packs which will be available from 16 March at all major supermarkets. Each pack, at a recommended retail price of S$35, will come with a limited-edition SG50 T-shirt which comes in four different collectible designs. Fans will also receive a limited-edition SG50 T-shirt if they purchase a bucket of Tiger pints at S$50 at participating bars and outlets. Our bottle-cap collecting hawker centre and coffeeshop uncle denizens can stand to redeem specially designed vintage analogue watches and vintage pens when they collect the corresponding crown liners from the limited-edition SG50 Tiger Beer quart bottles.

As part of the campaign that launches this week, Tiger Beer will also release two mockumentaries that chronicle the ‘real story’ behind some of Singapore’s unique quirks and oddities, presenting a different perspective on the origins of Singapore’s iconic chicken rice dish and the Kallang Wave.

A pre-launch marketing stunt initiated by Tiger Beer to kickstart the campaign didn’t fare too well, however; the supposed ‘lucky find’ of historical artefacts by a local blogger was lambasted as a poor guerrilla marketing attempt, joining a list of other marketing ploys that did not quite work out as expected.




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