A new entrant to the cocktail scene comes from the unlikeliest of places – Dazzling Cafe, that celebrity drenched recent import from Taiwan to Singapore’s buzzing cafe scene, will next week introduce a compact drinks menu to help you while away your time as you indulge in some celebrity spotting.

Dazzling Cafe was officially unveiled to the masses some two months ago at the new Capitol Piazza, bringing to Singapore its own brand of Shibuya toast – essentially a sweet dessert confection featuring toast cut into a box that’s filled with various toppings – to our island courtesy of enterprising 22-year old Serene Ng, who fell so much in love with the concept when she was visiting Taiwan that she decided to bring it in.

A couple months down the road, Dazzling Cafe is next week debuting some five mostly sweet and fruity cocktails that should be a very comfortable fit for its largely young, tai-tai-aspiring female clientele.

Dazzling Cafe Snowy Rose

Take for example, the milky Snowy Rose ($13.90++, above), made with berry-infused Chambord, cream, apple juice, and cinnamon powder, complete with rose petals floating atop the pastel pink hued cocktail, or the very fruit-forward Julie ($13.90++), made with a blend of Smirnoff vodka, Sauvignon Blanc (in this case, by Chile’s Casa Silva) with green apple puree, pineapple juice and apple juice, both of which are exceedingly sweet.

For more balanced is the Bondi Sunset ($13.90++, below), made with Milton Park‘s 2013 Shiraz, peach liqueur, Smirnoff vodka, peach puree, sugar syrup and lime juice that had the tannins and spiciness of the wine counter the sweetness from other components. The strongest drink on the menu is Aviation Night ($22.90++), a take on the regular Aviation by blending tanqueray gin, martini rosso and cherry brandy, mixed with orange butter and lime juice.

Dazzling Cafe Bondi Sunset

For those who like their drinks to taste like dessert, the Tiramisu ($14.90++) features Baileys, Kahlua and Godiva chocolate for a tipple inspired by the Italian dessert.

One does not normally go to a place like Dazzling Cafe for cocktails; however the new cocktail offerings to be launched next week are priced very affordably compared to most bespoke cocktail bars around town, and the range appeals to the demographic that normally patronises the kitschy cafe. Aside from the opportunity to spot their celebrity idols, these cocktails may be another whole new reason for them to visit.

Dazzling Cafe is at 15 Stamford Road, #01-85 Capitol Piazza.



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