The Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition 2016 is currently underway, and in Singapore the top five finalists have just been culled from 15 contenders in a national contest that will see the eventual winner represent the country to compete at the global finals in San Francisco in April of next year.

The top 15 bartenders, from bars from all over the country, had gone head-to-head in front of an expert judging panel with their Legacy creation – a cocktail of their own that can be exceptional enough to stand alongside the great classics such as the iconic daiquiri or mojito – as well as the perfect original daiquiri made with Bacardi rum. The five who wowed enough to emerge from the pack were:

  1. Satoshi Iwai, Orgo
  2. Bannie Kang, Anti:dote
  3. Stuart Danker, Sugarhall
  4. Sin Kim Shin, Jigger & Pony
  5. Adonis Reyes, Bread Street Kitchen



The five finalists will compete again at the national finals on March 2016 in a showdown that will see the winner represent Singapore in the global competition, as Peter Chua of 28 Hong Kong Street did in the 2015 edition in Sydney (pictured).

The five selected bartenders will also be, in partnership with Bacardi, promoting their own cocktails in the run-up to the finalists, so do go down to their various bars to try their creations out.

We know we will be.



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