High above the hustle and bustle of Alexandra, amidst a mishmash of quiet residences and busy streets; a melting pot of old and new, a curiously bewitching sunset awaits you at a little establishment called Aqua Luna.

Perched on the seventh floor of the Park Hotel Alexandra, this tiny tipple oasis sits beside a 25-meter infinity pool, residing within a ceiling-to-floor enclave. It offers a 180-degree, birds eye view of its surroundings, and importantly, an excellent sunset view if you get there early enough. As a hotel guest, there is an added perk of the rather fetching swim-up bar, where you swim up to and have your food and cocktails.

Of course, eventide is when Aqua Luna is at its finest, made better thanks to its fine line up of cocktails and bar food – you will be pleasantly surprised.

Alexandra Sunset

Alexandra Sunset

Zesty Grand Marnier infused with rosemary, cherry liqueur, white rum, tangy fresh lime, lemon and pineapple juices, and finished with white rum. A refreshing way to wind down at sunset.

Hot Melons

Hot Melons

Aqua Luna’s twist on an alcoholic affogato, where watermelon meets chilli padi and Myers’ dark rum in a pleasantly surprising power trio, playing a sweet and spicy power pop number over an uplifting soursop sorbet.

Poire Basil

Poire Basil and Breezy Berries

A dangerously shippable blend of fresh pear, basil and vodka, invigorated by a mixture of tangy lime juice, spiced syrup, and a splash of grapefruit bitters.

Dirty Steak

While we’re at it, you’ll do well to check out the bar food. The Truffle Polenta Fries and Battered Cauliflower are seriously addictive, while the signature wood-fire cooked ‘Dirty” steak, served with anchovy butter, is impossible to say no to…


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