Christmas is upon us – the carols blaring through mall speakers, the crowds rushing about in a frenzy of shopping for gifts, the restaurants leveraging on the season to gouge diners with overpriced special menus… you get the point – it’s really just hell tied up in pretty ribbons.

If you’re anything like us you’d rather spend some quiet time at home, a beer in one hand and a good book in the other. And perhaps like us you may actually want that beer to be a Guinness Draft. You may like to know then that Guinness has people like us in mind, which is why they’ve put together a limited edition festive gift set that comprises a 4-can pack along with a nifty Guinness pint glass so you can recreate that pub experience at home.

And that’s no ordinary can either – the Guinness Draft can includes a special widget ball that helps to create the surge to replicate the smooth creaminess one has come to expect from drinking draught Guinness.

Guinness was the first beer brand to include a widget ball in a beer can. It first started researching on widget technology in 1969 (and patented a gas discharge system that year), but it was really in 1989 that the widgeted can took off in a big way. Guinness further improved on it with a floating widget version in 1997.

For a limited time only, the pint glass featuring the signature Guinness emblem will also be available to personalise with a free engraving at two roadshows at Chevron House on 17th and 18th December. For redemption, simply purchase on the spot or bring your receipt and glassware along for engraving.

This festive 4-can promo pack with pint glass will be available from 9 December 2015 onwards in all major supermarkets at a recommended retail price of S$20.90, while stocks last. For further details on roadshows, please visit:

Guinness Engrave Pint


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