Social media marketer Daniel Osgodby beats four other finalists to emerge as winning candidate for Carlsberg’s Probably The Best Job in the World, landing a four-hour work stint that will involve drinking lots of Carlsberg.

Carlsberg‘s recently launched Probably the Best Job in the World campaign concluded when its recruiters picked out 27-year old Daniel Osgodby after in a final group interview that saw the five top candidates – selected out from a pool of almost 23,000 applicants – compete with each other in three gruelling rounds of challenges.

The applicants were assessed on a variety of factors such as personality, conversational ability, a knack for Carlsberg’s trademark wit and humour, as well as passion and love for the brew. The first challenge was a blind taste challenge where the finalists had to pick out Carlsberg from two other beers; one of the finalists surprisingly misjudged a dark lager – the Asahi Black – for the pilsner.

A second challenge involved professing their love for Carlsberg (the beer, not the company); one enterprising soul broke out in a poem that had the watching crowd burst into rapturous applause. But it was in the final challenge, where the judges roleplayed as difficult customers each finalist had to deal with, that Osgodby truly shone and garnered enough points from the judges to finally win the competition.

With that Osgodby walked away with the winning title of official beer taster in a role where he has to undertake the role of a Carlsberg ambassador in retail outlets and on social media, and drink lots of beer. Oh yes, and which comes with a cool “pay package” of $10,000 for a total of four hours of work.

Carlsberg Best Jobs 4

“Our five finalists have demonstrated an incredible sense of spontaneity, wit and humour throughout this interview process,” said Jolene Yeo, Marketing Director of Carlsberg Singapore. “Having outshined over 22,000 hopefuls and qualified for this final phase of the selection process, we believe the candidates can walk the talk of the Carlsberg brand identity of always doing things better. We were very impressed by the passion and creativity demonstrated by the shortlisted candidates today,” she added.

“I came into this without high expectations and am pleasantly surprised to be picked from the thousands of entries. This is a dream come true for me, I never imagined being able to enjoy my favourite brew and be paid for it too,” shared Osgodby (pictured above).

Osgodby will get chauffeured to ‘work’ at SC Food Station, a coffeeshop in Serangoon Central and Hannibal European Grill & Bar at Robertson Quay on Friday, 18 December 2015. You might want to drop by to have some Carlsberg with probably the luckiest job candidate in the world; but perhaps not before putting his well-honed skills of dealing with difficult customers to good use first. All the best, Osgodby!

Video highlights of the unconventional interview process will also be made available on the Carlsberg Singapore YouTube channel and Carlsberg Singapore Facebook page in the coming week.


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