Cointreau celebrates the coming new year with a special limited edition bottle it calls the ‘Great Thirties’ showcasing the art of that era and especially that of the La Parisienne (a woman of Paris).

Last year Cointreau has launched a special limited edition “Roaring 20’s” bottle, with the classic Cointreau bottle encased within an Art Deco-inspired bronze metal box starring the silhouette of the iconic 1920’s ‘Flapper’. This year its special edition bottle and canister design showcases a different era of French design and culture with the ‘Great Thirties’, which also coincided with Cointreau’s increasing popularity in the United States and the ongoing cocktail movement.

Of course one needs to remember that the 1930s started off in a bad way with the Great Depression, a severe worldwide economic depression following the collapse of stock markets around the world that only eased off towards the end of the decade. But there were also bright lights amidst that economic downturn; the Art Deco movement was at its height, and more importantly, at least for the United States, the ending of Prohibition.

The new Cointreau ‘Great Thirties’ special limited edition bottle continues the Art Deco style of the 20s, with the geometric designs in the colour of gold, copper and aluminium. And like last year’s version, Cointreau’s ‘Great Thirties’ limited edition canister features the La Parisienne holding a cocktail made with the orange liquor, and resembles a jewellery case.

The Cointreau limited edition ‘Great Thirties’ currently retails at exclusive online retailer Barworks at S$65. It will also soon be available at selected outlets islandwide.


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