New wine delivery service BottlesXO promises to deliver wine to your doorstep – actually, anywhere around Singapore, really – in under an hour, and ready for drinking.

BottlesXO is a wine delivery service that promises to send you properly chilled bottles of wine in under an hour flat, and do that by using advanced logistics and next-generation technology from a mobile application ordering system and GPS tracking to decentralised warehousing to make ordering wine a simple and convenient streamlined process as well as to minimise transit time.

First started in Shanghai in June last year, BottlesXO recently expanded to Suzhou and Hong Kong last year and was officially introduced early this month to the Singapore market. Founded by three tech savvy wine lovers – Thilo Fuchs, Mischa Schulze, and Zou Zhengfang – BottlesXO raised US$1.5 million last year from German private investor Joerg Winklemann to fund its current regional expansion.

The founders of BottlesXO are also passionate about their wines – although the portfolio is currently rather limited and is focused purely on Old World wines (France, Spain and Italy dominate), much of that is because they only collaborate with family-owned boutique wineries creating a strong personal connection to the producers. They regularly travel through Europe, personally visiting all the wineries to check on viticulture and winemaking processes of the vineyards and wineries. And by purchasing and importing the wines direct, they can in turn offer them at very reasonable prices.

BottlesXO Phone App

Wineries currently featured on BottlesXO in Singapore include:

  • Herencia Altés (Tarragona, Spain)
  • Pavillon de Taillefer (Bordeaux, France)
  • Poggio Civetta (Tuscany, Italy)
  • Yaso (Toro, Spain)
  • Heinz Schmitt Erben (Mosel, Germany)

Just as importantly for wine lovers though, is that their wine reaches them in proper condition in a very specific time-frame, whether they are currently at home, tanning at a Sentosa beach or sitting on a picnic in the middle of the Singapore Botanical Gardens admiring nature. Bottles come perfectly chilled, and the delivery person even brings along drink ware (if plastic) as well as a bottle opener. Even better? There is no minimum order or delivery fee.

Of course we can’t think of a scenario where any serious wine drinker wouldn’t have a decent stock of vino at home that they need a one-hour wine delivery service, but for most casual wine drinkers – those who urgently need a bottle or two for a party at home or at a friends gathering, for example – it’s a convenient and relatively inexpensive way to solve that problem.



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