Belvedere Vodka returns to its roots with the release of its “Be Natural” manifesto, and introduces a range of 100% natural and low sugar spritzes to show what that means.

Belvedere Vodka, which brand owner LVMH positions as the world’s first luxury super premium vodka, recently launched a brand manifesto of ten principles that are meant to showcase its commitment to being a natural product:

Belvedere Vodka’s ‘Be Natural’ Manifesto states:

  1. We like to keep things simple: rye, water, and character.
  2. We respect our roots.
  3. We support our agricultural partners.
  4. We look after our environment. It’s the only one we have.
  5. Our flavoured vodkas are flavoured with fruits from a tree, or a bush, not from artificial chemicals in a lab.
  6. We don’t sugar coat.
  7. We source local ingredients where possible.
  8. We follow a minimalist recipe.
  9. Drinking responsibly means sweetening responsibly too.
  10. We will always be at the intersection where good food meets great cocktails.

Made in the small Polish town of Zyrardów, Belvedere vodka is made with just two ingredients – golden Polish Dankowskie rye from ten different local farms ,and artesian water – using a recipe that is actually in accordance to Polish appellation laws which protects the country’s 600-year vodka-making heritage.

Interestingly, this manifesto comes after a scientific study mandated by Swiss television channel RTS in 2014 revealed traces of corn or sugarcane in Belvedere vodka.

To support the manifesto Belvedere has introduced the Belvedere Spritz Collection, a set of over a dozen cocktail recipes featuring natural and refreshing long drinks full of fruity flavour low in sugar and easy to make. They follow the popular spritz recipe, prepared with a naturally flavoured modifier, topped off with sparkling and tonic water, finished with fresh garnishes.

“At Belvedere, we believe that being natural should flow into everything we do, and our new manifesto highlights our all-natural attitude, from the fresh local ingredients we select, to the agriculture partners we support, to the environmental impact we strive to reduce,” says Claire Smith Warner, Head of Spirit Creation and Mixology at Belvedere Vodka.

“As we keep our vodka simple and naturally full of flavour, our drinks should follow a similar recipe. The Belvedere Spritz Collection is the best embodiment of this philosophy, all low in sugar, all refreshing and delicious.”

You can find the Belvedere Spritz Collection here.


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