Cognac house Rémy Martin has unveiled a new look for its iconic XO.

Featuring an updated livery and slightly tweaked crystal carafe, the new Rémy Martin Fine Champagne Cognac packaging wraps a modern yet elegant guise around the same beloved aged spirit.

It might take a while for you to see it; essentially its gold and burgundy livery has been inversed, a clever change so subtle yet profound that exudes a fresh new look and innovation, while retaining an old world charm that belies centuries of tradition.

The new carafe exhibits a contemporary design that helps to bring out the luminosity of the spirit within, but kept its familiar gardoons while reworking its slight pyramid-like form.

In fact we think the change rather reflects the maison’s bold vision for its future when it promoted a then 34-year old Baptiste Loiseau in 2014 to the position of cellar master. The youthful Loiseau, an agronomist, trained extensively under the retiring former cellar master Pierrette Trichet in order to understand the maison’s house style, but who has also injected new life with his own take on the Rémy Martin range.

baptiste loiseau remy martin xo

“Over the years Rémy Martin has consistently put out a house style that is opulent, with a fine balance between intensity and elegance,” Rémy Martin master blender and cellar master Baptiste Loiseau told us when he was in town to present the XO’s new look.

“The most difficult part of my job is to maintain the house style, because every year the ingredients – due to the weather – are not the same. I have to ensure every year, with 140,000 casks across 29 cellars, that I put out a consistently amazing product that adheres to our house style,” shared Loiseau. “Not only that, because it can take many years to age the eau de vie I have to make sure the next cellar master has the best ingredients they can get to continue that house style,” he added.

Well, the bottle and livery may have changed but the spirit remains the same – an exquisite blend of aged eau de vie from the most sought-after terroirs of Grande Champagne and Petit Champagne, complete with its explosive bouquet of fresh white flowers, fruits and spices on the nose, and a enduring palate of stewed stone fruits, roasted nuts and woody tobacco.

The newly released Rémy Martin XO is available at the retail price of S$388.


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