The new Martell Single Cru Collection comprises of three lines of distinctive cognacs that together will bring you on an immersive discovery of time and place across the Cognac region.

However much we love partaking of Martell Cordon Bleu at clubs or karaoke lounges, unless you are a very keen Cognac enthusiast you’re unlikely to be too familiar with what exactly goes into your drink. How is it made? Where does it come from?

Chances are these aren’t the kind of hard questions you’re pondering with a KTV hostess on your lap.

But for those very serious about cognac? Maison Martell recently announced an impressive new collection that may just inspire more of such intellectual pursuits. The Martell Single Cru Collection is the latest from the popular Cognac producer, a stunning set of cognacs that literally puts Cognac on the label.

By that we mean you’ll find, on the label of each expression, a stylised map highlighting specifically which part of the Cognac region its eaux-de-vie from. As cognac lovers well know, the personality of a cognac is shaped by specifically by terroir. Which specific cru in Cognac those Ugni Blanc grapes are sourced from determines a cognac’s aroma and flavour profiles, as well as its ageing potential.

Martell Cognac vineyards

And that’s where the Martell Single Cru Collection comes in.

The storied collection actually comprises three different lines. There’s the Martell Single Cru – Discovery Edition, a line of three cognacs each representing an important cru in Cognac: the Martell Single Cru 100% Fin Bois, the Martell Single Cru 100% Petite Champagne, and the Martell Borderies.

Then you have the Martell Single Cru – Aged Edition. Here are two premium cognacs that explore terroir as well as age. Here you have the Martell Single Cru XO Grande Champagne, which uses eaux-de-vie from Cognac’s most prized subregion of Grande Champagne, but is also aged a minimum of 10 years as an XO.

The other is the Martell Single Cru XXO Borderies, which draws from the smallest Cognac’s crus, but which delivers highly aromatic eaux-de-vie. As an XXO, this has been aged for at least a minimum of 14 years.

The Aged Edition is expected to be refreshed every year, but is always crafted from rare Borderies and Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie and released in individually numbered bottles as small batches.

Finally you have the Martell Single Cru – Vintage Collection. The penultimate of the Martell Single Cru Collection, this is an extremely rare and limited release that – as you can tell from its name – hails from a specific year and counts among some of the maison’s most prized in its inventory.

The first vintage release is the Martell Single Cru Borderies 1999, said to represent that purest expression of the Borderies terroir in that year.

Martell Single Cru Vintage Edition - Borderies 1999

“From the very beginning, the ethos of Maison Martell has been to express the best of the Cognac terroir. With Martell Single Cru, a rare and prestigious collection which represents less than 1% of Martell cognacs, my aim was to reveal the richness and diversity of the very finest crus,” said Christophe Valtaud, Martell Cellar Master said of the collection.

“My hope is that this aromatic exploration of the Cognac region will speak to adventurous cognac drinkers, opening their minds and palates to new tastes, and enabling them to build their own personal collection. One which reflects their preferences and the pleasure of discovery.”

The Martell Single Cru Discovery Edition and Aged Edition are available now at select retail stores and outlets. Martell Single Cru Vintage Edition is available from May 2024 onwards and is available at select retail outlets and via Le Cercle. The entire Martell Single Cru collection is also available via Le Cercle by Pernod Ricard for its Le Cercle members.

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