Alcohol Delivery ( celebrates a sales milestone by revamping the user interface of its online platform, and offers party packages in time for the festive season.

We love to stock up on alcohol for the festive periods of Christmas, New Year, and Chinese New Year, but most of us don’t quite relish the thought of heading to the nearest supermarket to haul back cartons of beer. That’s where alcohol delivery services come in – the convenience of someone else bringing you your favourite booze for your party is simply too attractive to pass up. And while online shopping malls such as Lazada and online grocery services Redmart and Honestbee have encroached on their territory, alcohol delivery services such as Alcohol Delivery have continued to thrive.

In fact, since its founding in 2012 the apropos-named Alcohol Delivery has delivered over 500,000 bottles – that’s half a million – of alcohol to consumers all over the island. That’s really surprising considering the service started out as a pet project for siblings Travis and Suzanne Chia, aged just 28 and 24 respectively, who saw the need for a service that delivered chilled alcoholic drinks that arrived within a one-hour window.

Four years down, that side project has grown to a business boasting an inventory of over 500 products ranging from kegs of beer, wines, premium spirits like Remy Martin Louis XIII, to party snacks and mixers for drinks. There’s even a slew of over 20 different craft beers for craft beer aficionados, with brands such as Japan’s Hitachino Nest, Abita from the United States, as well as Singapore’s own Brewerkz.

Alcohol Delivery has unveiled various upgraded features on its online platform to make it easier for consumers. One of the new offerings is “Party Packages“, essentially alcohol sets targeted for different party scenarios. Sure, most of the drinks aren’t exactly high-brow – Johnnie Walker Red Label, Absolut Vodka Blue, anyone? – but they offer prices low enough to appeal to the budget-conscious or campus set. Otherwise there are “Cocktail Packages” which are less budget friendly but offers more premium ingredients, as well as mixers and directions to make your favourite cocktails at home.

There’s also a new loyalty programme for frequent buyers, allowing them to earn points that can go towards redeeming selected drinks instead of using cash.

“Rolling out this loyalty program allows Alcohol Delivery to increase consumer engagement on our platform, and creates a holistic experience for our client base. We strive to continuously deliver fun, rewarding transactions on our portal that not only incentivises users, but also builds towards long-lasting relationships with them,” says Alcohol Delivery managing director Suzanne Chia.

“With the new online platform and its expanded features, our business is taking a big step towards delivering a satisfying online experience for our customers,” adds fellow Alcohol Delivery managing director Travis Chia.



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