Hendrick’s second small-batch, limited-edition release is the Hendrick’s Lunar Gin, its distilled ode to the moon. 

Ask Hendrick’s Gin how much and to what degree it’s obsessed with the moon, the premium Scottish gin brand will tell you the fascination is real and goes deep. The allure of that bright celestial orb in our nighttime sky is what inspired moonstruck Hendrick’s for its second seasonal limited-edition release, the Hendrick’s Lunar Gin.

Hendrick’s certainly has a peculiar preoccupation with celestial objects; its first-ever seasonal drop from the was the very floral Hendrick’s Midsummer Solstice, and a solstice, some of us know, refers to the solar event when the Sun reaches a point in its path where it’s the farthest north or south from the equator.

For its second seasonal, Hendrick’s says its new gin was “conceived beneath the celestial light of the moon and yields an alluring complexity, giving you an intriguing combination of the refreshing, the warm and the floral”.

“It’s a feeling. That feeling when it’s a real dark, calm night, there’s a clear sky and the stars are out. I like that feeling and wanted to bottle that sensation of sharing stories under the stars,” shared Hendrick’s Gin master distiller Lesley Gracie. Like Midsummer Solstice, Lunar Gin was conjured up in Gracie’s Cabinet of Curiosities at the Hendrick’s Gin Palace located along the Scottish Ayrshire coast.

According to Gracie, it is here one moonlit evening – away from the city lights and the hustle and bustle where the stars here shine bright and the moon makes its magical presence felt – while doing some midnight gardening that she was inspired.

“In the still of the night, you can get all sorts of smells – there are certain flowers that only release their scent under the light of the moon. There is a peculiar sensory attachment to scents at night. Your body doesn’t react to aromas in the same way as during daylight. The darkness changes things, including how you respond to those around you, everything feels different at night.”

Gracie may sound rather mystical here, but biodynamic winemaking too ascribes to such beliefs. But like the moon hiding behind thickly veiled clouds Hendrick’s isn’t quite revealing exactly what botanicals go into its new cosmic creation, except to say it’s a “delightfully smooth and alluring gin that is rich with night blooming floral essence, offering a delicate balance of warm baked spices, and finished with a crisp burst of citrus”.

The Hendrick’s Lunar Gin is available from online and offline retail outlets such as Cold Storage, NTUC FairPrice, RedMart, Shopee, Alcohol Delivery, and 1855 The Bottle Shop, amongst others. You can also find cocktails made with Hendrick’s Lunar Gin at venues such as 15 Stamford, Burger & Lobster, Meatsmith, The Skewer Bar, Smoke & Mirrors, Tess Bar, Vertigo26, and more.

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