Rémy Martin set to create ripples with limited Vincent Leroy editions

When your product is already so perfect you can’t mess with the formula, sometimes the next best thing that you can do is put it in prettier packaging; this time Rémy Martin has partnered with renowned French artist Vincent Leroy to create a series of limited edition sets in time for the festive season.

Kinetic artist Vincent Leroy – who wears multiple hats as an artist, designer, photographer and composer – has created Red Ripples for Rémy Martin, a masterpiece that takes the French maison’s iconic centaur emblem and gives it a kinetic art treatment. The art is then incorporated into a set of three Rémy Martin cognac expressions – Rémy Martin VSOP, CLUB and XO.

XO Vincent Leroy Coffret 2016 Opened

Rémy Martin Limited Editions by Vincent Leroy is now available in Singapore, exclusively at online wine and spirits retailer www.75cl.sg. The Rémy Martin VSOP, CLUB and XO are priced at S$148, S$168 and S$368 respectively.