Leading premium spirits company Diageo has partnered with on-demand food delivery service UberEATS to introduce #letscocktail, an initiative that will see delicious cocktails from some of Singapore’s leading eateries and drinking holes delivered straight to your doorstep.

On-demand food delivery services have been on the rise in the past couple of years – a sign of either increased population laziness, growing appetites, or both – but one of the things we’ve often always wondered was why you couldn’t get some good drinks to go along with the meal delivered. And we’re not just talking about cans of fizzy Coca-Cola here – why couldn’t someone get, say, a nice pre-bottled cocktail in the same delivery as well?

Spirits company Diageo must have wondered the same, because it has worked with various bars and restaurants around town and then partnered UberEATS to allow you to enjoy your favourite cocktails at home.

In fact the #letscocktail initiative gives you three different ways you can do so. The first is via cocktails already pre-bottled by a number of bars and bistros, ready to drink. Another way is via a bespoke cocktail kit complete with all the ingredients you’ll need and instructions so you won’t mess up too badly. Finally, for bigger occasions there are party packs – bottles of spirits, mixers and other ingredients – from selected liquor stores perfect for your home party.

Ordering is simple as well – just open the UberEATS app (App Store or Google Play), select your favourite bar or liquor shop and then tap to order. Current participating outlets include Potato Head Folk, Red Tail, Highball, Ah Sam Cold Drink Stall, Tess Bar, The Library, Bitters & Love, and Cache at Izy.

“We have seen a surge in popularity of cocktails among young adults, however, they often find it too daunting or time-consuming to recreate these drinks and experiences at home. That is exactly where #letscocktail and UberEATS come in, bringing consumers a quick and easy way of creating their own drinks and elevating their night,” shares Fabricio Marques, Reserve Brand Development Manager, Diageo Asia-Pacific.

“Partnering with Diageo on #letscocktail is a great way for UberEATS to show how we can make eating and drinking well an effortless experience, for anyone at any time,” adds Barry Levy, Head of Expansion, UberEATS Asia Pacific.


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