If size matters, the Louis XIII LE Mathusalem which launched in Singapore earlier wins hands down in the world of cognac.

The limited edition Louis XIII LE Mathusalem is the world’s first crystal decanter for cognac that holds a massive 6 litres of cognac. This is a bottle of epic proportions in both size and flavour; to put it into context, the classic holds just 700ml of cognac and its contents can fill 120 of its cute 50ml miniature bottles. It is so big it takes over 10 times as much crystal – about 10 kilograms of raw crystal, to be exact – to make as the classic Louis XIII decanter. The crystal stopper that sits atop alone weighs a hefty 1.7 kilograms.

A tribute to craftsmanship, each Mathusalem decanter is worked on by a team of 25 Baccarat craftsmen over a period of 60 days. With every step timed to perfection to ensure that the crystal retains the correct form, each piece is literally a work of art. And because it’s entirely crafted by hand, no two decanters are exactly alike.

The Mathusalem (or Methuselah) is a large format wine bottle that holds 6 litres, or 8 bottles (750ml) worth of wine. The slightly smaller Rehoboam holds 4.5 litres, but the biggest large format bottle is the Nebuchadnezzar, which contains a whopping 15 litres!

But the contents remain the same, with each drop of the opulent cognac taking four generations of cellar masters more than 100 years to craft and the result the passionate work of Rémy Martin’s current cellar master and master blender Baptiste Loiseau.

First launched in an exclusive partnership with Harrods in September 2016, this rare and stunning collector’s item is now available for connoisseurs in Singapore. As part of the first edition exclusive, a very limited number of individually numbered Louis XIII LE Mathusalem is available upon asking.



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