Pioneering Singapore speakeasy 28 Hong Kong Street will host a bar takeover by London’s Sexy Fish on Monday 5 March 2018 from 7pm as part of a global launch of the latter’s new cocktail menu.

On that day Sexy Fish will launch its ambitious new cocktail menu in three cocktail capitals – London, Singapore, and New York – which will see the entirety of a brand-new list of tipples from their cocktail cookbook introduced. Sexy Fish restaurant director Daniel Smith, senior bartender Giovanni Tavano and Bar Manager Jerome Allaguillemette will be in Singapore to working with 28 Hong Kong Street’s renowned bar team headed by Zdanek Kastanek.

Sexy Fish’s new cocktail menu – patrons can expect all 21 new serves at the launch event – will have a focus on sustainability, and will incorporate a range of homemade tinctures, distillates, cordials, shrubs and syrups in place of citrus, herbs and garnishes. And if you’re not familiar with Sexy Fish, the modern Asian restaurant – located in the heart of London’s Mayfair – is home to Europe’s largest collection of Japanese whiskies (and second largest in the world) at over 300 bottles and counting.

The menu includes the likes of Japanese Kir, a mix of Falernum and Koshu Grace white wine, to the Neonach, a savoury serve of Hendrick’s Gin, salmon, basil, fennel and chilli oil. Then there are revisited classics, such as the Rocky Road Old Fashionedfeatures buttered Chita whisky, biscuillate, salt and chocolate, as well as the Monolith (above), is created with Zacapa 23 Rum, thyme, chamomile, balsamic, rosemary and lavender.

The launch will also see New York participating in the festivities over at MACE in the city’s trendy East Village, with Sexy Fish’s Head Bartender Georgia Billing and bartenders Patricia Lozano Peral and Dario Trentini heading over for the proceedings.

“This menu took the best part of ten months to create, and the result is truly remarkable, something I’m very proud of. Our brief included three pointers: be as sustainable as possible, surprise our guests and create delicious cocktails,” says Xavier Landais, Director of Bars at Caprice Holdings which owns and operates Sexy Fish.



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